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Monday, 18 August 2014

Dental Care for Seniors in Nursing and Retirement Homes

Learn about the importance of oral health and overall health, especially as we age. A short presentation about dental care for seniors in long-term care and retirement homes.

To learn more about dental care for seniors please feel free to get in touch with our office. EPICITI Mobile Dental Care provides mobile denture clinic services and house call dental cleanings to seniors in long-term care, retirement homes, hospitals, and residential homes.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Don’t Retire Dental Care in Retirement

By Daniel Subbotin BSc, BA, DD

Most likely, your days are filled with errands, doctor visits, family events, social service activities and endless demands on your time and relaxation. Unfortunately, because of your many priorities, it’s quite common that dental and denture care are the needs that go unaddressed.

But before you point the finger at yourself, keep in mind that as part of the aging population, you have some unique variables. Sometimes your ability to drive is impaired or you are living in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. You may also have need for special services including home health or nursing care.

In many cases, you have family members delivering care but they have their own schedules and families, making it difficult for you to ask for time to visit your denturist or dentist. If you have mobility challenges or other medical conditions that impact your access to dental care, the challenges become increasingly difficult.

Finally, your medical condition and prescriptions may have impact on your dental health and the ability to maintain routine denture care and adjustment. Many seniors find that strength, stamina and overall health take their tolls in maintenance of regular oral hygiene.

Fortunately, the dental and denture landscape has changed immensely in the last several years, enabling you to receive residential care. Numerous dental care organizations are now offering residential care that maximizes your convenience and privacy while eliminating the difficulties associated with visiting a dental or denture clinic.

This is not to say that you should ignore important symptoms or relax your oral care. Your dental professional will quickly confirm that in-home maintenance of oral health includes the vitally important routines such as brushing, flossing and rinsing. And whether in your residence or the dental office, regular checkups are more important than ever.

Your dental professional will be a vital resource in terms of maintenance and preventive care. Your own care is critical but your dental professional will manage your cleanings and diagnostics to make certain that all dental irregularities are identified.

In case you’re not already aware, conditions such as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s can complicate home dental care. Dry mouth is quite common and in many cases, basic processes such as brushing or flossing may be forgotten. If your family member is in advanced stages of dementia, brushing and flossing should be taught and demonstrated in simple, uncomplicated terms.

In the case of denture care, guidelines remain the same as those for natural teeth. To begin, dentures must be cleaned daily with a sturdy denture brush. Many denture wearers choose a denture solution for leaving a fresh, clean denture after soaking.

Dentures are not indestructible. Be careful with cleanings, making certain not to scratch or damage surfaces. Brush your natural teeth and tongue with toothpaste before re-inserting your dentures. For the sake of fresh breath and additional bacteria fighting, mouthwash is always a good idea. To prevent dry mouth and to keep you gums healthy use alcohol-free mouthwash.

Leave denture repair and adjustments to the professionals. Although it may seem easy to twist or tap something back into shape, this is a dangerous process that could result in major damage to your dentures. Keep your dentures moist when you’re not wearing them, never place them in hot water and
consult your dental professional for the special care needed for metal pieces for your dentures.

Mobile dental care is going to be one of your greatest assets in retirement. You will enjoy the care and convenience inherent to services performed within the comfort of your residence.

No matter where you decide to maintain oral health, it is critically important that you do so. Attend your committee meetings, luncheons or day trips to your heart’s content. But keep brushing, flossing and rinsing your way to healthy teeth and smiles as bright as your disposition.

EPICITI Mobile Dental Care provides onsite mobile denture services and house call dental cleanings for seniors living in nursing homes, retirement homes, long-term care facilities, hospitals and residential homes. Remember...we come to you! Mobile dental services benefit those who would not otherwise be able to conveniently access a traditional dental clinic setting, such as someone recently hospitalized or released from the hospital, residents in nursing and retirement homes, individuals who are bedridden due to illness, patients with mobility impairment or someone who prefers the privacy or convenience of dental care in their own home.

EPICITI Mobile Denture Clinic provides house call denture and mobile dental cleanings in the following areas: Greater Toronto Area, Scarborough, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Aurora, Richmond Hill and Newmarket. Contact our office at (905) 237-8422 to learn more about our house call denture services and dental cleanings in nursing and retirement homes. Website:

For more information or if you have any questions about your dentures north of GTA please contact Coldwater Denture Clinic at 705-915-0500 or visit at 28 Coldwater Road, Coldwater, Ontario. Providing denture services in Coldwater, Midland and Orillia. Website:

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A perfect fit goes a long way - five things you should know about your dentures.

By Daniel Subbotin BSc, BA, DD

Your dentures keep you smiling with confidence and help you enjoy the foods you love to eat. Remember that dentures are like your natural teeth and will last longer and fit better if you take proper care of them. If you wear dentures and want to maintain that attractive smile, here are five things you should know. 
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1. Dentures should be cleaned regularly. Your dentures require proper and adequate care, just like your natural teeth. Dentures should be cleaned at least twice a day to prevent bacterial and fungal infections that lead to inflammation and pain. This routine can help you save any remaining natural teeth and keep your dentures looking great!

2. Cleaning your dentures the proper way can prevent damage. Carefully remove any food or debris by gently brushing dentures under warm running water. Never use hot water for cleaning as this can cause dentures to warp and fit poorly. Use appropriate denture cleaners when brushing and remember to rinse thoroughly.

3. Your lifestyle affects your dentures. Dentures can be affected by your habits and the foods you eat. Drinking coffee, tea and red wine can stain your teeth over time. Smoking can also lead to stains and unpleasant odours in your dentures. 

4. Some products can cause irreversible damage to your dentures. Toothpaste and bleaching products can create micro-scratches for bacteria to stick to and lead to staining. Avoid using these products to clean your dentures. To prevent damage to softliners and metal clasps, use cleaning products that are specifically formulated for these types of materials. 

5. Recommended routine for denture care during the night. It is important to remove your dentures and soak them in a container with suitable denture cleanser before going to sleep. Keeping them in your mouth during the night can cause inflammation leading to discomfort, pain, and infection. 

For more information or if you have any questions about your dentures please contact Coldwater Denture Clinic at 705-915-0500 or visit at 28 Coldwater Road, Coldwater, Ontario. Providing denture services in Coldwater, Midland and Orillia. Website:

For more information on house call denture services and mobile dental cleanings please contact EPICITI Mobile Dental Care at 905-237-8422. House call dental services are available for seniors in nursing homes, retirement communities, hospitals and private residences located in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket. Website: